I have different bug in my centrafuse :
I have a motherboard Pico-ITX with 1gb ram + SSD HD (load windows in 9 second !!!!!), OS Tiny XP SP2, Centrafuse 2.0.806 + Itunes + Power DVD 8 + bluetooth trust + Sound Blaster 2NX USB...

First Bug :
in the CF gui I push "Iphod", but the result is "Iphod Not Connect" ... Why ?

Second Bug :
Push "DVD" but with the Power DVD 8 not work ... Why ?

Third Bug :
I install bluetooth Driver, I have this peripheral "http://www.trust.com/products/product_detail.aspx?item=15542" , but when I push on "Telephone" the message is "Bluetooth not found" ... Why ?

.... at this moment I remember this bug....

please help me !!!