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Thread: Floppy Drive going mad...

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    Floppy Drive going mad...

    as ol33l has mentioned, mine setup is also suffering from a constant floppy access requests, approximately once every 4seconds...
    This started after setup finished on first install.

    Now even if I manually end all ascociated (and indeed all uneccessary) processes it still continues accessing the floppy drive.

    The only known way to cure it is to reboot, but I can't till tonight as this is a network server!

    I've text searched all Centrafuse files for "A:\" & "B:\" to no avail.


    Also I can't get NM's Destinator 3 to embed either, it just loads in its own window and Centrafuse stays on the 'loading' screen indefinately.

    Very nice work though Veetid, and a supprisingly small amount of bugs for a first release Beta, at least up to know ...


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    A couple of other people had this problem, which I don't understand at all... I have no idea why it would be doing this, but this seemed to fix there problem..

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    Floppy drive ????
    bet ya you still listen to LPs too huh ????
    maybe 8-tracks ???
    LOL J/K

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