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Thread: Half language problem was fixed

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    Half language problem was fixed

    Still having the same problem as before. If use shuffle all option to play music, it has no problem after restart the centrafuse. If i choose a folder to play, then after i restart the centrafuse, it just can't play and only some werid character show up as the name of the song.
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    I have the same problem as above. After some research, I found the program save the the playlist into .mpl file in both playlists and system directory. The problem is that program save it into UTF-8 format, but when program to reload these file, it load it as plain ASCII file, which result these weird character.

    There is two way to resolve this problem:
    1. save the file into unicode file
    2. when read file, read it as utf-8 format

    either way will solve the problem. Hopefully, this problem will be solved soon, since it has to be done from the source code, it is totally depends on the author.

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    Another add up:

    When program read ID3 tag from mp3 file, it doesn't read it as unicode format. I have no problem to categorize the wma file, but for mp3 file, it shows up right in the directory, but not in the category list

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    I use to read using ASCII, but the latest version reads using windows Encoding 1252, which I thought would fix it... I tested it with weird characters and it worked for me... I tried UTF-8, but I couldn't make it properly read my collection and I thought 1252 would fix it, but I guess not...

    I will look into it and get it worked out...

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    Save it as 16bit unicode mpl file

    I found that if i open these mpl file, and save it as UTF16 (the 16 bit unicode) in the notepad. The program will read it correct and the asian character show up no problem.

    I wrote a program to watch these mpl file in the playlists and system directory. it will open file and save it as UTF16 text.....very stupid way to fix the problem, but it work........


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    Creating a Centrafuse Playlist

    For anyone having problems creating a centrafuse .mpl playlist:

    Centrafuse needs the .mpl file to be in unicode format. I've found that UTF-8 works. The simplist way to convert a file from ANSI or ASCII is to open it in notepad and then at the save as dialog, select UTF-8 as the file type.

    If your looking to create a UTF-8 file programmatically, write the 3 ascii characters "239 187 191" at the start of the mpl file, then just write normal ascii text to the file as usual. The 3 characters look like this: "", but I don't know if your browser will show them.

    This solves the "Error Loading Playlist" problem. I ran into the problem after writing a script to convert .m3u playlists to .mpl format.

    -Justin Ormont

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