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Thread: Restarting?

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    Ok, I've been having a problem playing dvd's on CF and Windows Media Player 10. After numerous attempts, I was advised to reinstall Windows XP because all the codecs packs I was installing may have corrupted something. After reformating my hdd, I reinstalled Windows XP Pro, Centrafuse, Net Framework 1.1, DirectX, Managed DirectX, and as recommended PowerDVD, FFDShow and AC3filter.

    Windows Media Player 10 now plays dvds! BUT, choppy!
    Went I load Centrafuse and click on DVD. The screen goes blank and my system RESTARTS!!!! Why?

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    Does PowerDVD play the DVDs?

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    Power DVD, the dvd's Video is good but the sound is choppy.
    Windows Media Player 10, the Video is a little choppy but the sound is good.
    Centrafuse....I hit DVD and it says loading....then my computer restarts!

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