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Thread: Centrafuse 1.3 Bugs

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    Is anyone else expericening problems with memory useage. Centrafuse is using a extreme amount of memory on my desktop.
    Heres a screen shot.
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    holy memory leak! I don't think it was like that for me, i'll try mine out in a little bit. I'm having the floppy disk ping as well..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Quattro
    Is anyone else expericening problems with memory useage. Centrafuse is using a extreme amount of memory on my desktop.
    Heres a screen shot.
    mine fluctuates at 75000K whilst playing a divx movie

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    Another problem I noticed that was also present in 1.2 is the fact that embedded apps don't receive the hibernate/resume signal. For example, I use FrodoSatelliteRadioX which reinitializes the XMDirect module after a resume when it is run on its own. However, when I embed the program into Centrafuse, it will not receive the hibernate/resume signal and will not reinitialize the XMDirect module. This results in no response from the XMDirect until I manually close FrodoSatelliteRadioX and reopen it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jay2001
    OK, I don't know if this is me being silly or if this is bizzare behavior, but...

    If you go to your library and click on "directories", select a folder with an album in it and click "load" then the files load up in file order. Great for me as all of my album tracks are called
    01 - title.mp3
    02 - title.mp3

    However if I go to the library and click "Albums", select one and click "load", they appear to load in a completely random order (sometimes, 2 out of the three I tried this applies to). It can't be "random" as it is always the same order but I can't figure out the pattern. All of the files have the track numbers as the first characters of the file name, and in the ID3 tags, and in the ID3v2 tags.

    Any ideas?
    In settings under the Audio/Video tab there is a 'Track Sorting' option you can turn on to make them sort properly. This should be on by default IMO ... but at least it's an option in this version!

    I am also having the issue where it stops after every song. I'm just trying this on my laptop for now ... I'll have to try it in the car in a bit.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cheekz185
    Have any of you guys tried using the cd player? I just tried popping in a music cd (both real/burnt) and i got to media manager / Library and click CD and it keeps saying "No Tracks Present"....
    Same problem here.

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    Working fine for me, install was a breeze. Love the skin!

    Couple things:
    Not sure if I have the floppy problem. (You guys still use floppy drives? (lol) )

    I have to press NEXT to make the next track play.

    When I Exited out of Centrafuse, I get an exception error. "Could not write" or something to that effect. (Sorry for the sketchy details, I will try to reproduce).

    What happened to the "Play All" button in the Manager? I usually like to just hit that and skip through all my tracks that way. Is there any way to reproduce this in the current version of Centrafuse or will it require a code change.

    Love the speed! Its tons faster. Really great work david, dont be discouraged by these bugs, its a huge release, especially if you rewrote the entire app especially, so for the most part, I think its doing great.
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    When adding a song to favorites it will continue to add it over and over again as many times as you hit favorite
    i think if possible it should toggle favorite status
    hit it once it adds the song to favorites and hit it again it should then remove it
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    Custom OSK Keyboard doesnt work

    I made my own OSK Keyboard layout.

    Just made a copy of US.xml (\keyboards) and renamed it to SE.
    And edited "[" to "" and ";" to "" and ' to .
    I get a centrafuse error message.

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    I am really confused about the next track problem everyone is having. Not sure why the event isn't firing and why it works on my two dev machines... I will figure this out asap.. I am checking into all the display problems, clock, date, etc..

    I will get some wma's and test... I actually never tested them...

    The top right button is "suppose" to work as follows... When it sees you have an internet connection it should say "Disconnect", which will execute the hangup on your default internet connection (if connected with lan it just does nothing)... when you are not connected to the internet it should say "Connect", which dials your default internet connection... In 1.2 it was status label so it was backwards... It's a button now with actions, not status...

    I am unsure about the licensing problems, but we will get them all sorted out.. I am BETA testing that also... It mainly appears some email clients are messing up the lic file... I might switch to use serial numbers instead...

    The play/pause, even though they are buttons, work like status... It shows you > to say something is playing and shows pause when something is paused...

    The CD problem... Make sure you have your CD letter specified in setup or it will not work...

    I can't believe the floppy error followed me to 1.3.... Try to disable autoplay and see if it stops...

    "Play All" functionality can easily be accomplished by clicking Load when Artist, Album, or Genre is highlighted... It will play everything...

    I will compile all these erros and get to work this weekend... I will hopefully be able to make an update release within a week to fix most of the major issues... This BETA is a complete rewrite and this is the first time it's ever been run on machines outside my DEV enviroment, so I expected there to be bugs...

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