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Thread: Crossfade making songs stop short..

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    Crossfade doesnt fade, uncontroled mute, some speech doesnt work...

    When i have crossfading enabled what ever interval i have it set at..currently its at 2 the song will stop 2 seconds early instead of it fading out for 2 secs...Now when i change tracks or change fades properly just when i play a whole through it stops ...

    And not related to the cross fade...centrafuse will just mute out of no where...i thought it might be because the speech was on and so was the turned it off and it still did it...this problem only happens maybe once or twice every few days or so...

    Alsoa couple speech entries dont work...One for sure...Um when i say "computer pause song" the song pauses...but when i say "computer play song" or "computer pause song" again to un pause it it does nothing...And one more thing...When i click on the radio tab to go into the radio...the speech doesnt work after that...i have turn speech "Off" then back "On"

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    These are known bugs and should be fixed in 1.5...

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