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Thread: CF Freezez

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    CF Freezes

    Just cant figure out the problem, the equilizer display (both in small and full screen) always freeze after sometime and CF freezes up, but the song continue to play though. If you choose to display the picture instead, CF runs ever so smoothly. Anyone with the same prob?

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    not sure, but in the upcoming release the visuals are completly different... I don't use those embedded ones that I wrote... I now support sonique visualizations...

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    I had this same problem. Now i just have it display the album art instead. Hasn't locked up since.

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    hey guys have you looked at the task manager and noticed that CF 1.5 has a huge memory leak? As soon as i load cf, the memory goes from like50 megs to 67 and counting. Is there a patch?

    I thinkn this is why we are getting the freezing and lockups...
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