I've got a BU-355, it's the serial version of the BU-353, I'm pretty sure the behavior I'll describe happens with both:

- Setup BU-355 to use Sirf mode (I do this using sirfdemo).
- Run CF1.5, setup GPS plugin to com1, 57600, sirf
- Everything works fine.
- Power off everything, I mean hard power off no power to mobo or GPS unit, for at least 24hrs.
- The BU-355 loses it's settings. It's no longer in Sirf mode. CF1.5 GPS plugin can't talk to it because it's the BU-355 is now spitting out NEMA at 4800 baud on com1.

The "losing settings" part clearly isn't CF (or Destinator's) fault, but there is a software mechanism for setting sirf mode and CF should use it. Basically, it should try and put the GPS in whatever mode the settings currently indicate. If I get the com port wrong, there's little to be done.