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Thread: 1.6 Media Bugs

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    Thumbs up 1.6 Media Bugs

    I think it's best to seperate all our bugs into categories as suggested in the forums. This way David can focus on one section at a time.

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    I noticed that on my home PC, my subwoofer is not working with CF. Changing the Subwoofer level via CF makes no difference. This used to work fine with CF 1.4. I am using a C-Media Audio card.
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    Were you watching video? CF equalizer has never worked for me for video clips or this by design??

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    Sorry i don't know where this should go but media seems to be as good a place as any.

    My volume is pretty jacked up. 0 is loud and gets louder until 34% then turns off at 35% and begins to work normally up until 100 where if i need to go any louder i need to jump back to 0. its like the top 34% of the volume got hacked off and put on the bottom. Just wondering if anyone else is having this issue.

    BTW David great release It seems to be working really well so far.

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    Well, my problem has been a reoccuring probelm since I have tried using CF a few verisons ago. Everything seems to run fine and smooth until I actually go to play music, as soon as music is queued to play, it stutters and skips really bad. This is a fresh install of Windows XP Pro on a M10000 with 512 Megs of RAM. I am assuming that there are several other people with this combination, so I don't think it is hardware. I am just wondering if there is something that I am forgetting to install that will help with this problem?
    Looking into the problem a little bit, I found out that my CPU usage goes to 100% as soon as I add music to play. I don't have visualizaions on, as far as I know. I actually moved them out of the visuals directory to see if that made a difference. I can't imagine that my setup won't run this software. Any ideas?

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    mp3 then cd

    When i´m playing some mp3:s and then click on the cd for some sweet music the mp3 continues to play over the cd music.
    The other way works just fine. CD pauses and mp3:s starts playing.
    But when returnig to mp3 the player jumps back to the place where i started to listen to the cd.

    umm if you understand...

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    Running visualizations full screen on a mii10k causes the app the lose responsiveness... If you attempt to exit full screen it will seem as though the app is not respoding however given a couple minutes it will actually exit.

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    Who need the speech button?

    Because it can be better when instead the speech button a Media Player short buttom is, or????

    3 clicks from Navi to Media player is to mutch and from the other apps 2 clicks.
    Because I use CF generally on account of the Media Player

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    CD Player works when it wants to

    Anyone use the CD option to listen to a Cd from your CD? I got it to work once and it was all good. Then I went to "Options" import CD and every since then it stopped working, even on a system restart.

    BTW Import CD didn't work when I tried it, just got a notification that sais "Import", click that and I didn't see any progress or anything.

    I see CD the drive showing in windows and it plays the CD, but not CF

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    My problem with sound is volume normal (ie not quiet) at 0%, doesn't change until 34% then gets louder to 100%, need it quite for GF approval
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