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Thread: Missing feature in NAV

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    I will report all these issues... They both appear to be in the SDK, I will get it updated...

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    why is it so hard for destinator to make an SDK command for every thing they already have a button for in their own front end

    Then it would make your job of adding features easier surely... The stuff is there already, let us use it

    I can't under stand why CF's NAV dialogs and searches take so long though becuase D6 menus are instant, and the rest of CF's graphics run fine so I can't blame that Is it the way CF and D6 communicate?

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    Can you do me a favour and check your uk maps in CF RC2 for postcodes beginning with NG13 and see if they show.


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    I have the same problem with the Australian maps, seems to be a map problem rather than a CF problem. Will have to see when David gives me new maps to try.

    Its funny because if you click on the map, the street comes up under the small town, but when using search, it doens't.

    Quote Originally Posted by ShawJohn View Post
    the above post illustrates my point.

    In the last two days I've been out looking at houses averaging some 50miles/day (at street level not on fast roads), find the addresses off the net (without PostCodes ), and then using my swanky CarPC to get to each one...

    Problem is that some common street names might occur 20 or 30 times in the list. But I have no way of telling which is which without going through them all one by one

    It is also deadly slow once you select, street/city it might take two minutes to load the next screen. Once I try a street and find its the wrong one in the wrong town, it then takes another 1-2minutes to return to the street list.

    I can't use city/street as some streets are listed under a local town, others seem to be listed under the main BIG town.

    Royton, is a small town/village in of Oldham, yet it is in the list on its own right, yet Shaw, another small Town/Village in Oldham has its addresses listed as Oldham?

    Address Preview also doesn't work, instead it just goes back to the map of the current location meaning you have to wait for all the menus again.

    Eventually I have been able to find everywhere I wanted, BUT on at least 3 occassions we had to park up for 5-10minutes whilst I ****ed about in NAV trying to find the correct destination... It would have been quicker to look them up on an traditional A-Z Map!

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    I dont think it is a map problem as RC1 works ok but RC2 does not.

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    Also I have noticed with 3d map view is that it seems very slow compared to 2d view. Ie when I drive past a road, 2d view will show I have just driven past it yet 3d view will show that I have not passed it.

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