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Thread: play/pause... voice/hotkey incompatibility

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    play/pause... voice/hotkey incompatibility

    After pausing a track with the PLAY hotkey, using voice recognition to resume/unpause it doesn't work. It only works if I use voice recognition to pause the track again (while it's already paused), and then use voice recognition to play it again.

    Probably has to do with the fact that the hotkey is for both pause and play, but there's seperate pause and play voice commands.

    ....another thing, how come the voice command for PLAY also does the same thing? The play command pauses the audio, but can't unpause until a pause command is said before the play command again.

    Seeing how that probably made no sense, here's the sequence of commands that basically illustrate what i'm talking about, with their respective results.

    hotkey pause (music pauses here), voice play = music doesn't resume
    hotkey pause (music pauses here), voice pause (music still paused), voice play = music resumes

    voice play (music pauses here), voice play = music doesn't resume
    voice play (music pauses here), voice pause (music still paused), voice play = music resumes

    hotkey pause: pressing the combined "play/pause" hotkey to pause the music
    voice play: saying the "play" voice command
    voice pause: saying the "pause" voice command

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    I will look into this...

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