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Thread: RC2 Volume bug

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    oh yea oops, when is 2.1 coming out>?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mike6789 View Post
    oh yea oops, when is 2.1 coming out>?
    I got it fixed in one place, now I have to implement the logic within all my threads... shouldn't be too bad, but I don't post dates anymore

    It will be soon though, this was the only bug I plan to fix, of course other than all the others I already fixed, then release... Then get to work on RC3...

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    Ok, I don't want to see another release without fixing this problem. This one bothers me since David have implemented Logaritmic Volume. I know I can disable Logaritmic, but anyway... in case I have it disabled, there is a huge step in volume between silent (min value) and first level (+1), that's why I still use logaritmic volume. But as I wrote, there is still a bug. I am not sure if this is only on my CarPC (Via Epia SP 1.3), but when I have logaritmic volume enabled and I am listetning to the music at about 3/4 of level. I want to decrease the level and when I am doing this, suddenly when only about 5 bars left displayed, volume get to maximum again. It seems like volume button works like that we have 2 separatly.

    0..1..2..10..0..1..2..10 instead of 0..1..2..10

    It really scares me like **** when I want to decrease the volume but suddenly I have it on maximum level

    Today I was playing with it and I also checked where is the Windows main volume level when volume jumps to the maximum - it's strange but it is almost at minimum.

    Is there anyone with me or I am the only one who still has this problem?

    I also recorded a 75kb video with Nokia (3gp) if I wasn't clear enough.

    And by the way... rear/center/front level control will be quite useful too... I hope we will get this sometime


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