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Thread: Parsing destination method

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    Parsing destination method

    Hi David,
    Is there any way to change the "parsing destination method" by searching the destination parameter in anyway of the destination name's database. For example, in France we put the term "street" or "avenue" before the name (ex: Avenue des Champs Elyses -> it means Elyses Avenue) and it cause a major problem to find the right type because usualy we know only the name of the destination but never the type (if it's avenue, street or path) and we spend time to find it. Same problem with name with accent, if we don't put the right accent it doesn't find anything.
    A good way is a parsing method of the database like in SQL (ex : SELECT * FROM XXXX WHERE YYYY LIKE '%"+destination+"%' ORDER BY wwwww DESC; ) .

    What do you think about this?


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    I'm working on this...

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    For accent , here are all accent used in French :

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