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Thread: GPS window names

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    David, can you put the program that you referred to in the first post back up? I'd like to use it to determine the window name for Centrafuse, since my app that's supposed to relay steering wheel button presses to CF doesn't seem to be working, and I think it's because I've got the wrong window name for CF (BMW IBus control for Centrafuse?)

    Either that, or tell me what the name of the window should be


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    Mine worked with:

    DeLorme Street Atlas USA

    I am using version 2003. Works great. CF1.4
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    Not GPS .... but what is the PhoCo windowname???

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    Quote Originally Posted by P3rv3rt B3ar
    Not GPS .... but what is the PhoCo windowname???

    fcuk knows.

    I tried but it keeps coming up with different numbers all the time.

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    I got nRoute to work using nRoute as the window name. The new Centrafuse rocks.


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    ignore;i fixed my prob

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    Microsoft Streets & Trips and Centrafuse

    The issue with using Microsoft Streets& Trips in Centrafuse in my case had to do with the default installation path. I could not get CF to launch it with the "&" in the path. When installing, change the path to "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Streets and Trips"

    If you already installed Streets & Trips in the default path, uninstall it and reinstall it in the new path, or you will end up with a duplicate installation and/or an error message when trying to launch.

    If you are using USAPhotoMaps or another program that can call to S&T, or if you want to prepare it to be used with another program that calls S&T (just in case), convert your hard drive to NTFS, if it isn't already. Create "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Streets & Trips" and then use the LinkD tool from the Windows 2003 Resource Kit to create and link "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Streets and Trips" to "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Streets & Trips". Install as usual, and it will "appear" to be at both places, but is actually only on your hard drive once.

    The application name you can use in CF is "Map", unless you call to a specific saved map in the parameters blank in the external application setup, then use the name of the saved file (usually without the extension).

    I seem to have problems in CF with anything that contains an "&", so try your best to get around them.

    Hope this helps!!!:
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    1,790 link no longer works.

    I could do with use of this app briefly so I can get an ID on the PPC emulator window as I can't get it to embed using the visible window name

    I'm so close! I have TomTom 6 working through the emu, now would like to embed so I can use it on the road

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    Imbed Microsoft Street and Trips 2007 into Centrafuse

    Streets and Trips 2007:

    <WINDOWNAME>Map - Microsoft Streets &amp; Trips</WINDOWNAME>

    When saving, I changed the file name to "Microsoft Street and Trips" rather than "Microsoft Streets & Trips". Don't know if that is relevant...

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