What's good people? I see there's App/windows name for embedding Street Atlas 2004, well what about 2008, is it the same minus or plus using 2008 instead of 2004. Used liquid studio xml to embed 2008 into the config xml, but no go. It shows up in Centrafuse nav setup but I don't even get a try to out of the prog. I like Centrafuse and would love to continue to use it. Already had 2008 before I started to read the forum and find out how much off a pain in the aztec it is to get working in Centrafuse. Anyway can anyone help a brotha out. Or I'm I, bleeped, and just need to invest in iguidance or mappoint. Please tell me it ain't sooooooo. One other thing DVD's not playing either. Works fine when running in PowerDVD 5 or windows media player, but not when it's run thru Centrafuse. Have read other inquiries on the subject but haven't seen one with an answer. If I missed it please point the kid in the right direction. I've had better luck with street deck getting dvd to work but just like the setup & look of Centrafuse better. Thanks newbie need ubie help.