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Thread: NEW character LCD project for CF1.3

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    Any idea where I can get one of these displays in the UK? I've looked on maplin and ebay and have had no joy.

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    printer port will be used

    I will share some character displays to the one who can not get...

    or maybe give some to David to share to the registed user of CF2.0

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    Would anyone be interested in a serial adapter board for parallel interface displays? (compatible with HD44780 controllers, and some of the 44780 "clones")

    That's a pic of a little board I made a while back. obviously it could be adapted to displays with different connectors by simply changing the board layout, but it is set up for the 14-pin 2-row connectors at present.

    I also have about 50 of those miniature LCD's, they are 2 row by 8 character, and would go great in the gauge cluster for various info display
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    RPM the HUD off the winshield is a great idea! i have no idea how to do it, but it's deff something to look into
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    Recently at me in the machine hours (what disappointment) have died.
    It was necessary to go to buy the display. Has taken DataVision DV-16252S2 (16x2)
    On Windows Vista and CF 1.10 has earned in general without any additional adjustments, from the first! I am glad.
    Many thanks for plugin
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