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Thread: I-BUS Centrafuse 1.6

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    I-BUS Centrafuse 1.6

    Hi everyone i was wondering if any one has got there steering wheelbuttons on there bmw working with centrafuse 1.6 i cant get it working right. im using ibuscomm and i start centrafuse then ibuscomm, then i go to hotkeys and press set keys and then press the vol up on the steering wheel and it shows up on centrafuse as shift + u so i no centrafuse is reciveing a command from the button which i have it set to in the ibuscomm file like +u which i belive is correct for shift u but when i go to media nothing happens but it does if i press shift u on my keyboard. please please help i would love this feature

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    please help

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    please help me

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    let me know if you get this working. I am intrested in it too.
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