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    If you are planning on creating documentation in more than 1 language, it may be a good idea to utilize the different language files, and create some kind of auto-generate system.

    Reading the manual in english and running CF in danish, french whatever will make it almost impossible for people to understand where the different buttons are.

    But if it for instance translated the manual to another language and "tags" where used everytime there was a reference to a button, menu item etc and this tag was read from the language files, then you could merge those two and generate a pdf file....

    Just a suggestion....
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    I agree...

    first we have to finish the English manual, which will have screen shots in English...

    Then we have to get all the 6 native languages we will be supporting at launch, they are on the website, loaded into Centrafuse...

    Then switch out the screenshots with each language and get help translating all the copy...

    It's on our plate...

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