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Thread: HOWTO: Install CF on Windows Vista RTM

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    HOWTO: Install CF on Windows Vista RTM

    I installed Windows Vista on my carputer and was having problems with the CF installer rolling back the install on me. I tracked the problem down to UAC and DEP killing the installer.

    I thought I would post how I got things running for everyone.

    1. Install .NET Framework 1.1 (Duh!).
    2. Run the command prompt with elevated privliges (as administrator).
    3. Enter the following command:

    bcdedit.exe /set {current} nx AlwaysOff

    4. Press Windows key + R to get run dialog box
    5. Type "msconfig" (without qoutes) and press enter key.
    6. Click the Tools tab.
    7. Scroll towards the bottom of the list and choose Disable UAC.
    8. Click the launch button. (You should see a command prompt confirming the command executed successfully.)
    9. Reboot computer.
    10. Run CF setup.

    11. (Optional) If you wish to turn DEP back on, Run the command prompt and enter the following command:

    bcdedit.exe /set {current} nx Optin

    12. (Optional) If you wish to turn UAC back on, complete steps 5-8 but reverse step 7.

    13. Reboot computer.

    Hope this helps anyone else out there who is going to/was having problems.

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    but why would you put vista on it?

    who cares if its RTM, its still not compatible with so many programs.

    such as installers =p, you are going to ahve a pain installing stuff for your carPC
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    Did you get CF Nvaigation to work?

    I had the same problem and sorted out that - thanks for the info.
    Question - Did you get CF's Nvaigation (Destinator) to work? I found that Destinator does not appear - just a blank black square box to the top right hand side.

    Also, the Error log has enteries that shows CF looking for Locale info - perhaps via a windows dll within older versions of Windows??

    It is a shame - I do like the new Sleep feature whereby it will standby for a while and then hibernate if it needs to...

    Must agree with Redian thou - Vista RTM is still pretty crap when it comes to support for XP apps... :P
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    Destinator doesn't works for me too.

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    I've installed 1.2 on Vista and everything works great! No troubles at all.
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    Centrafuse 1.47 under Vista on the Infill G4


    I just formatted my CarPC (Infill G4) as there was some stuff messed up due to playing around with settings and other software...
    I decided to install Windows Vista, as the standby options are said to be better using Vista.
    So far everything seems to work quite well, besides one thing: I can't hear the radio. Due to the changed architecture of Windows' volume mangement, I can't see the line in slider on the Windows mixer panel. In CF, the mixer shows a slider named Line, but when I increase volume there, the slider goes back to 0% immedeatly.

    Maybe I should try to use the mixer application that came with the G4...

    Any other suggestions?

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