Centrafuse stores your last 10 playlists even after rebooting. To remove this functionality you can create a batch file that deletes the old playlists file upon shutdown. When you start Centrafuse again it will only load the most recent playlist which will allow you to start listening to music without waiting for the last 10 playlists to load.

- Create a batch file called DeleteOldPlaylists.bat in:
C:\Program Files\Flux Media\Centrafuse\

- Place the following line in the batch file:
del "C:\Program Files\Flux Media\Centrafuse\oldplaylists.dat"

Go into Centrafuse general settings and edit the startup/shutdown commands. Add a shutdown command and select the .bat file you created. Make sure you save the settings changes.

When Centrafuse exits it will run the batch file and delete the oldplaylists.dat file. The next time you load Centrafuse it will only load the most recent playlist and you can listen to music immediately without it loading a bunch of old playlists.