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Thread: ODB2 Guage/Dyno/Engine Diognostics - CF Plugin

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    ODB2 Guage/Dyno/Engine Diognostics - CF Plugin

    Hey, All

    I have been starting work on my first plug-in for Centrafuse. I love the program and I figured that it was about time that I donated some time to help others on this forum since I have received so much help over the years.

    Anyway I have started work on an ODBII plugin for Centrafuse that will feature fully skinnable gauges, engine diagnostic's, and dyno runs. Again I have just started this and I have yet to purchase my ODBII reader, currently I am working on design and the GUI for it.

    I would love to here some of the ideas people would have about a project like this. As well as some of the most important features that you would be looking for.

    I am extreamly busy at work these days so this will not be developed quickly, only in my spare time. I estimate that it will take about 2 months to complete.

    Below you will find my first teaser picture. More will be attached as the project progresses.
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    Loggin would be great. You've obvisouly got to keep yur eys on the road whn you're driving and not looking at the gauges. Logging with replay would be great.
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    good job.

    Keep on working....

    David said a day that when Centrafuse beta would be finished, he will work on gauges version of ODBII plugin.... but still nothing.

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    Any updates on this? This looks exactly like what I would be wanting.

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    If this was based on VAG COM software it would be great.
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    Man, this is just what im looking for... I cant believe this thread is dead

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