Looking at Centrafuse as my software for my carpc and was wondering if someone could build this plug in.

Feature : Air Suspension controls.
Bonus. This feature would also work the same for controlling Electric Windows.

Required Features
* Control 8 triggers adjusting 8 valves through the car.
4 up and 4 down. 1 up and down for each corner of the car.

* While the button on the screen is pushed, the valve stays open.

* The Value is basically a Solenoid. Power in it opens, turn power off it closes by itself.

Optional Features
* Extra Buttons on the touch screen controlling multiple valves at once. EG All up or down valves at once, Just Rear up or down, etc

* Tank and air bag pressure readings and displayed.

* System adjustment lockout when the car is out of pack, or handbrake is off.

Super Optional Features
* Demo Mode. The System Runs through random triggers of all 8 valves.

If you have any requirements or questions on how this works more please email or post here

[email protected]

Thank you.