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Thread: Request: Pandora plugin

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    I was hoping to be able to just do this through the web browser, but since its flash, it doesn't work at all. You can't enter anything without a keyboard...

    So a plugin with large buttons would be cool.

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    I use Opera and there is a widget for Pandora

    I've also seen one for a Mac but not much for PC except for one that works on MCE which works pretty good. You can select the artist then load that into pandora. Still not touchscreen friendly.

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    i noticed this thread has been dropped a while back, has a pandora plugin been made?
    i would love to have pandora built in, instead of trying to change stations and skip tracks with tiny browser buttons.
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    Not that i'm aware of. However... I have an iphone, and bluetooth on the PC... so when I start playing pandora via my iphone app, it comes through my speakers... sounds pretty tight too

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    Any progress update?
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    I agree a pandora app would be sick. I just got a droid 2 and the pandora app on it is pretty nice, but i really dont want to install a mount for my droid 3.5" screen next to my 7" LCD just to get pandora with accessible buttons.

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    Check out open mobile front end there is a pandora app on there

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    You can embed Boxee in CF and it will provide a touchscreen friendly interface to Pandora (along with some pretty cool visuals). No CF plugin likely in the (near) future due to licensing restrictions. If CF is running, it's equalizer controls will still affect the overall sound from your system...Boxee won't "bypass" that.

    Also, if you use Pandora on your smartphone, you "might" want to do a google search on "Pandora" and "Privacy". it seems they share a LOT of your personal information with other vendors with or without your permission. if you care about that kind of thing.


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