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Thread: CFVagCom - VagCom Live Data

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    CFVagCom - VagCom Live Data

    CFVagCom is a Plug-in for Centrafuse. It uses VagCom to receive data trough the diagnostic interface of a VAG Car. Measurements from the engine control unit can be arranged on the display.

    Every information is also useable via the plugin_data interface.
    So it is fully compatible with:

    • LogoDashboard Plug-In
    • CarLCD Plug-In


    • Current Consumption
    • Average Consumption
    • Speed
    • Battery Voltage
    • RMP
    • Injection Period
    • ... and many more (depending on your engine Measurementblocks)


    • Centrafuse 2.x
    • VagCom 409,...
    • Learn how to use your cheap ebay diagnostics cable here (no connection errors and 10400 baud)

    This is only a trial version. It will only test your connection to the engine control unit.
    You can get a licence on my website

    Supported Skins:

    • Aura
    • Onyx WS Day *new*
    • Onyx WS Night *new*


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    Will this work with centrafuse 3.1?

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    You can find it over here:

    Best regards
    My Golf 4 - Tutorial: VagCom with cheap diagnostics cable - Golf 5 Dummy Antenna GPS Mod - Centrafuse Plugins (VagCom, LCD, ...)

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    I'd like to ask you something mate: I have a 2000 Seat Ibiza with an Onboard Computer that is very big, black and white, and placed on a dificult place. So I'd love to replace it with a Car PC, but on that screen shows the A/C controls, like how hard its blowing, what temp it's set to, if its on auto or not, etc.... Can your App read that info?

    Thanks a bunch

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    can you recommend me a vagcom cable which will work with the plugin? the one i have refuses anything other than 9.8. a cheaper one will be preferred.

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