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Thread: Plug-in ideas

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    Plug-in ideas

    This thread is meant to share those great ideas u have for CF plugin, if for some reason u cant implement it by uself, be it ineptness in programming, time issues, legal issues, or whatever. This is also for those highflying ideas which u considerer unimplementable, key is to release creativity.

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    Ok i guess i should start... Plugin is called:

    Whos that slow jerk infront of me.

    Machine vision utilizes digital cam on windshield or in front and uses OCR to read plate of car infront. Plug-in retrieves information related to plate number from DMV through internet. And displays all relevant data on display. That could include make and model of car (it could also display top speed, mass, and so on), name of owner, phone number of owner (just in case driver is hot chick).

    Now i would reserve this idea to myself... but here in funland... although u can access all information i mentioned through net, its costy... well not much but if process would be automated... driving would cost lot more than gasoline... so this is better to be implemented in some other country where information is not only for rich and beautiful.

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    rear view webcam

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    simple database

    I was looking for a plugin to controll a simple database..
    mostly for checking the hazmat placards...
    or even the nfpa identifiers
    you know the triangle with the 4 digit # in them..
    sometimes it's nice to know what trucks to stay FAR away from...
    simply "corrosive" for "flamable" just don't cut it..
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    I'd like to see a plugin for the Zagat Database. Yum yum!!!

    EDIT: There is a Palm version of the Zagat guide. Would be nice if you could read off those DB files!
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    PDF display

    embedded PDF display!!

    I've got a service manual for my car in PDF. It would be nice to have an embedded PDF reader.

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    How about a plugin for satellite radio. Specifically I have XM radio with a directXM unit connected to a timetrax unit with timetrax software, it comes with a XM antenna so the music is from satellites, not from the internet. Anyhow the timetrax software displays the song info, etc etc. Check it out at

    The timetrax software while functional, is very very ho hum. Would be nice to get the centrafuse interface with it.

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    I plan to build an XM plugin... not like timetrax though... there will be no recording... timetrax has caused some problems and has been rumored to have helped discontinue the development of all pc based sat radios... RIAA doesn't like it either...

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    Multiple Camera Facility!

    I would love a feature to have a selection of up to 4 cameras and be able to view and record from all or any particular camera from the touch of a button. Maybe even include a security feature as well to leave running while you're out of the car?

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