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    Lightbulb Voice Commands


    Is it possible to interact with voice commands part using the CF SDK?
    I live in Brazil and there is no support for portuguese language in Microsoft's SAPI voice recognition.
    I think it would not work correctly using simulated english commands...
    IBM ViaVoice or Philips FreeSpeech would solve my problems.
    I think about using my TTS (SAPI compatible voices) in CF too. Does CF uses TTS functions by now?


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    I have not done much research yet into adding suppport for other languages into SAPI, but their are 3rd party engines that you can buy that work with SAPI... I know I have seen German and French... Microsoft has a list of companies selling different languages that work with SAPI somewhere on their website...

    Their is also some other speech technology I am looking into at the moment.. will post more info once I find it...

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    Im also searching for an German recognition Engine.
    I Think Veetid meant this link:

    Should i found something i will post it here.

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