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Thread: Plug-In Request: Nav/GPS "trip log"

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    Plug-In Request: Nav/GPS "trip log"

    I'm a consultant, and track my mileage everyday between my home office and client sites for the tax deduction. It would be handy to have a plug-in that worked like the 'trip set' on your odometer, but would log the information for download/transfer later.

    For example, before starting a trip, you'd hit a "Start logging" button. Then get a drop-down of perhaps user-defined options like "Personal", "Business", a client name or other reason/purpose for the trip. When you're done logging, you go back to the plug-in and click "Stop logging".

    The data would be saved to a simple XML or comma-delimited file for easy import into an Excel spreadsheet or other application.

    Some handy fields would be:

    Trip Start Time
    Trip End Time
    Trip Reason/Purpose
    Distance Travelled (total miles)
    Average Moving Speed
    Overall Average Speed
    Maximum Speed
    Moving Time (minutes)
    Stopped Time (minutes)
    Total Travel/Trip Time

    Maybe this data is something that can be nabbed, parsed and/or calculated from existing log files from one's Nav software.

    I did some research and it sounds like the Garmin's and TomTom's have a similar feature, though I don't know if the data is exportable.

    FYI: I use iGuidance v2.0.

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    this sounds like an incredibly handy feature that a lot of people could use. Just about any sales/consultant person could use this.

    Was any thought put into possibly implementing something along these lines?
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