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Thread: CAM plug-in suggestion

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    CAM plug-in suggestion

    since most cams will show a 4/3 picture, and most cars use a 16:9 screen, it think it could be a good idea to make the skin more 4:3 friendly.

    The current skin has all the buttons in a horisontal line, and the control line in the button in embedded view, this leaves very little room for the cam pictures.

    Maybe you should move some buttons to either the left or right side and thereby increasing the hight of the cam picture?

    As others have already mentioned, I would also like to have multiple cam support, maybe even the possibility to add the CAM plug-in several times, so that I can choose CAM1 and CAM2 from the menu).

    Automatic recording upon startup of CF would be nice.

    Recording in a "cyclic" fashion, where it records 10minutes and just "deletes" old footage would be very usefull.
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    About CAM option.

    Some of us, for fixation reason, need to fix our CAM in bottom to up position.

    I think an important option is missing in CAM plugin :

    Horizontally and vertically video flip.

    Long time ago I started a CAM plugin for embed it in CF.

    I used VideoCapX DLL.

    It was able to detect all CAM features (horiz. and vert. flip and others...).

    I think this option would be great in CAM plugin.

    The pluging would save each config for each CAM (cause i understood you would set multi cam plugin). Perhaps with USB ID of the devices or something else...You know it better than me.

    I don't know if you have already think about it.

    but please David consider it if you don't.

    Thank you.

    PS: I repost here because it seems that david hasn't seen it in original thread...

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    I'm interested in functions like flipping the screen as well.

    Also: functions like contrast and brightness adjustment would be handy.
    And maybe an option to set the videoscreensize?
    I'm running CentraFuse at 1024x768 with a full PAL b/w cam on a simple BT484 based capturecard (Hauppage PCTV), but it looks like lowres video source is used. When I use PCTV Vision (the crappy default player ) I can get a sharp image full screen, but within the cam plugin it's all jagged edges indicating a stretched up lowres image.
    I've tried changing the skin.xml of the cam plugin to fit the 1024x768 screen by default, but that didn't change the lowres image.
    Here's a screenshot made by the plugin itself As you can see the grab has a 1024x563 resolution, but you can count the pixels by hand
    You can see the need for brightness/contrast controls as well (this is a very light sensitive camera, will still give a picture at 0.1 lux).
    (the little window in the bottom right corner is a right mouse button simulator for my touchscreen)
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    And all this in a Dutch 1972 CitroŽn HY van called "MurpHY".

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