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Thread: Plugin Request - Email reading application

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    Plugin Request - Email reading application

    I think a plugin or a built in ability for CF to check email accounts and read out emails would be killer. The app could read out the headers first and you could say "read 1" or something and it would read it out the email content. I have seen apps out there like Mailspeaker that do this.

    I would also add the entry of a pin before it goes and checks email, the password can be stored but it should ask for a pin to read out your email.

    I think there was some work done on this but i cant seem to find it. Are others interested in something like this ?


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    I will work on something like this, but currentlly I am to busy. When I will have time and if there won't be such plugin I will work on it, but I will not start now, because I have two other plugins to finish and lot of work for school.

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