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Thread: HQCT support in SDK and general radio features.

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    HQCT support in SDK and general radio features.

    Hello David,

    I hope I'm not taking too much for granted when I assume that there will be support for the HQCT module in CF.

    I would like to see more radio features in the SDK though.
    Like autoscan up/down (tap it once and it searches for the next station)
    Manual frequency setting and/or manual scan, pretty much the same implementation as fast forward/reverse CF_Actions(RadioScan_FWD), CF_Actions(RadioScan_STOP)
    I would also like ll the statusflags (RDS, signal quality and so on) but perhaps it'll be best if those would be read directly from the module.

    Many thanks,


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    There have been many more actions added in CF 1.7... I also just received an HQCT radio module, but will most likely not have time to get it ready for 1.7...

    I plan to add support after I release 1.7... I might also be creating a new radio interface to inherit from. This would standardize radio plugins for Centrafuse and allow people to create new radio modules and add support for radios in the future without having to get a new version..

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    this will make me buy a HQCT if its built into CF natively


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