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Thread: Skin: Exfousion

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    Quote Originally Posted by mezz64 View Post
    Any chance you would be willing to post the psd's for any of these designs? Especially this one. I don't run Centrafuse but i'd love to modify this into a RR skin. Even if you only have the main menu screen it will give me a solid start.

    Were did you find or did you create the media images for the button bar on the bottom?
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    the bottom part is custom made by me, i´ve used it i some concepts. I´ve sorry for not answering some private msg´s. I will look at all request. Exfusion has 3 fases and they are somewhat diffrent from each other.

    I´m very happy that a lot of people like my concepts. I´ve seen some mods of my concept and really think that centrafuse needs more solid skins. One of the problems is that the skins are complex to make and requires of a lot of thinking. My lilliput did not really give me a good impression of the skin when i tried it. I will try with more modern screen and see how contrast has evolved.

    SSD´s with atom processors, the only thing i can say is wow it will sure start get interesting from here on.


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