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Thread: New Centrafuse Skin - Slimple (BMW Themed)

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    New Centrafuse Skin - Slimple (BMW Themed)

    hey guys, im a newbie here , well ive been reading articles on these forums for the past few months now and have got my carputer up and running yet have never posted before..greedy i know

    well heres my little piece of contribution - i have a 1997 Calypsorot Red (Maroon) BMW - and am usin Centrafuse as my Frontend - I think its a great piece of work but i find the theme a bit too depressing (too dark in night mode and too effecty in day mode) Looks abit too ricey to me - the carbon fibre, bubbly buttons etc.
    So decided to make my own - Slimple - its slime and simple - not too flashy but im beggining to like it (my design theory is design as you go), im trying to start to move things around a lil but am trying to keep it clean.

    decided ill show some progress : (note its themed after my car as i have a black/maroon car with black/maroon interior but logo can be changed and also colour theme.

    so here goes...

    Note - forst one is main menu, there are no left right buttons, up and down around the main logo. The buttons arearound the logos ( 6 buttons but i cant show you now as im on the laptop and centrafuse doesnt run on vista )

    any ideas? ( i know i type to much..)
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    Looks pretty good. Are you still keeping the drop-down menu?

    Oh BTW, since the latest release Centrafuse will work on Vista.

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    I like this! I would definitely use this and put a VW symbol in the middle!

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    Sweet skin. I would use it if you finished it too.
    So many people start a new skin, realize how much work it is before it gets to the finished state, and then you never hear back on it. I wish you luck in completing this...

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    gee thanks for the reply guys, dnt worry i will definitely needto finish this one !! will post it up soon.

    yes easy to change symbol in middle, and yes theres is a menu, just no menu text (for me it was luck as ///M is for bmw motorwerks but is a pun (visual pun?? is there such thing) for Menu...go figure..basically yes theres a menu lol

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    nice looking skin.

    Is this the first new one since Nexus?

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    I would love this in my beamer, but please donīt use the "M" symbol too much, most of use dont drive Mīs and I hate when people put M on cars that arent
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    hmm dunno mate?? i think theres a few other skins but motsly just colour changes..guys skining isnt THAT hard, took about 2 hours so far...

    use photoshop and layers and then make one design , and sort of apply the actions to the rest of the images, 1st image took 30 mins, then they take 5 - ten min each...keep note i didnt change everything around, just a lil here and there

    YES!!! I knowwww, its the bimmer disease.
    rule 4 hate all ricers
    rule 3 kill all ricers
    rule 2 eat rice in adequate amounts so as to no gain to much weight
    (light = fast - think of it? own a m3 csl with no aircon radio insulation and no trunk matting (or trunk floor) or just loose 10 kilos with a good diet..)

    oh and mypoint...
    RULE 1 - NEVER repeat NEVER use the sacred ///M anywhere unless you Have an ///M3 ///M5 or ///M Coupe...they are the holy ones, untouchable theyare marked with this symbol...You arent a RICER, your worse, BLASPHEMER, blaspeheming your superiors... you must be put to death...

    lol i know what you mean man, i dont like to too, just looks like your a try hard (personally i dont have ANY KIND of badges on my car 318is...the shameful BMW...) but i used it because it ads a nice touch in the i said ///M for Menu....thats all..rant over

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    This does look really good. Please finish so we can all enjoy it

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