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Thread: Working on Ford Skin For CF

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    Lightbulb Working on Ford Skin For CF

    I began a FORD Skin yesterday. So far so good. This is what i got so far:

    The problem is i'm too busy to finish it.
    Got the buttons working (exept Main Menu is shifted to the left).

    Anyone interested in Making it done?

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    Thumbs up Ford CF skin released!

    I took a day off and finished the skin.
    It is NOT a full SKIN. Only the Main Screen is Changed. The rest is From the Default CF 1.2 Release.
    Hope u like it!

    Download It HERE: Low

    Name:  main_off.png
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    Inspired From Drone Winamp 3.0 + Skin.

    Hey Skinners Out There, Need some help. Centraskin v52 doesn't work on my PC (Software problems) I need someone of you to change the Font Color of the Track Title, track time, time, date to white. If you do that you rule dude! PM me after that please.
    Good day to you all.

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