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Thread: CentraFuse Skin Suggestion!

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    CentraFuse Skin Suggestion!

    Hey guys, have been visiting the forums for a while now, and just signed up. have also been using CF in my car for a dew months now, and, i have a few issues with the existing skins.

    Also, being in Australia, all the existing skins are designed with LHD in mind, not RHD which better suits me.
    I also have quite a history in car audio and its installation, and, I guess the biggest gripe i have with the existing skins, is that there too busy. theres too much on the screen at any one time, and, I have to look around for the button to press to control what I want. Why arent more skins designed with factory Head Units in mind, BIG SIMPLE Buttons with the main controlls (Skip Fwd/Back and VOL up/DOwn the main focus on the screen, and not how many functions u can cram onto your display and impress your friends.

    With this in mind i give U an Idea i had the other night and photo chopped together, all we need now, is someone to code it!

    Soz for long boring 1st post.!

    I trust U all recognise the factory CF buttons, i have just re arranged them to better suit both LHD and RHD and also to make the most important buttons easily accessible. Also, I drive a Lex, hence the logo.

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    wow, someone get on this (if possible). That looks mint! I might have to do some more reading to get into skinning/coding.

    Thumbs up for an amazing idea

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    Thats a good Idea of Skin..
    My Project: German/English

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