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Thread: proportions of a skin

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    proportions of a skin


    I'm loving all the work and effort that has gone into these skins....once I'm alittle more on top of my emerging set-up I will tackle my own, but one question I have is that the skins I have applied to CF all seem to be squahed in at the sides.......I've gone for a couple of the BMW ones...and the BMW badge isn't's oval, being taller than it is wide.

    At the moment I'm testing my set-up just on a laptop....which isn't wide screen, when I get it hooked up to a 7" screen will it all look in proportion?

    cheers chaps


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    thanks for the quick you mean that when it IS run on a wide screen it 'un' squashes it? at the mo my laptop isn't widescreen(and looks squashed).....but my 7"er will be.

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