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Thread: Looking for a VW skin

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    Here you go...

    1. just unzip the "VeeDub" folder into your C:\Program Files\Flux Media\Centrafuse\Skins folder
    2. then to get all the other plugins icons and screens correct you have to also open up the "Black Icons" folder in the skin folder
    3. and then in another window go into the folders for each plugin in C:\Program Files\Flux Media\Centrafuse\Plugins and then copy and paste the "Onyx WS Night" to get a "Copy of Onyx WS Night".
    4. Rename the copied folder to "VeeDub" and then replace the icon.png file in it for each plugin with the appropriate icon from the "Black icons" folder"

    Here are the plugin icons I used and their corresponding name in the "Black icons" folder:
    Plugin --- Black icon
    Cam --- Camera
    Email --- Mail
    SatRadio --- iRadio (or Use Icons from Aura)
    Weather --- Weather
    Web --- Maps
    Wifi --- RSS
    iGuidance --- Safari
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