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Thread: New skin preview 600x800 & a couple of Questions

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    New skin preview 600x800 & a couple of Questions

    Just picked up a viewsonic v1000 tablet that I'm planning on using as the foundation of my car pc setup. The 10.4" touchscreen can be used in either landscape or portrait, but since I'm planning on using the dock as part of the mount in my nissan murano, I'm forced to run in 600x800 mode.

    So, I spent the day today coming up with a quick hack at a 600x800 portrait mode skin for centrafuse. This is based off of metaphysx's brushed metal skin, albeit heavily modded at this point.

    A couple of problems I have as of right now:
    1) The OSK... it doesn't seem to be resizable at all... am I missing something? Even tried dropping the font sizes to see if that would make a difference.
    2) In a similar vain... can I change the size of the settings dialog? It's a touch over 600 pixels wide. Not such a big deal, and I haven't messed with it much yet, but thought I'd toss out the question.

    I know there's not much demand for portrait mode skins, but suggestions and comments are welcome.
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    jpeden: Looks good.. Currently there isn't support to change the size of the OSK or setup, but it will in the future...

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