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Thread: Centrafuse Beta2 Brushed Aluminum?

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    project killed. refer to

    Centrafuse Beta2 Brushed Metal

    for details.
    Brushed Metal for Centrafuse 1.4
    Brushed Aluminum for Centrafuse 1.4

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    Quote Originally Posted by emdzey01
    project killed. refer to

    Centrafuse Beta2 Brushed Metal

    for details.
    it's not that many tags to add and just a quick re-export of all your images in png format... if you wanted you could rename all your .jpg to .png and it would still load them... There was mainly just a few tags to add to the XML... you can quickly copy/paste them from my new skin.xml and shouldn't take that long to adjust... then it would be back up...

    There hopefully will not be any more drastic changes to the skin like this... I apologize....

    there's probably someone in the forums that would update it for you, to keep it going...

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