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Thread: CentraFuse Skins for Download

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    CentraFuse Skins for Download

    Hello Everyone...

    If your looking for centrafuse skins, then you better check out

    We are all slowly adding skins there for centrafuse 1.4, also there is a thread there for requesting custom made skins. Feel free to post your skins that you made over there so all that go there to download centrafuse can see your skins and download them too.

    Help make Centrafuse the best Car Computer Front End out there, you all know its the best right now, and if you like it now, just wait for the next release (1.5).

    Tyler "FireBall" Reed

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    fireball was one of the first guys to post a skin over at my forums... I sent him a link over here to check out the skins on mp3car...

    that would be cool if the people who have centrafuse skins on mp3car could repost their thread over on the flux forums so everyone can check them out..

    note: when I get the time I plan to setup a skins section on my site and host some skins for people if they need it...

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    the link no longer works,

    is there any good links to centrafuse skins please?

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    it was only 2 years ago :-)

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    yeah, but shouldn't there be MORE skins for centrafuse now?

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    Not to hijack.. (again old thread), but Snortonnorton thought I would pass along a skin I've started on since you asked about more skins -- as you're right, ther are few options out there.

    CENTouch (Skin Preview) [dialup beware)

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    I know, its a old Thread, everyone is looking for Skins for Centrafuse. Looks in my Signature for my (german) Forum for Skins, its also available on Fluxmedia-Forums!
    My Project: German/English

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