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Thread: CF Skin For Mobile Emulator. 800x600

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    CF Skin For Mobile Emulator. 800x600

    Here is a skin made for CF.

    It says exit under the car domain logo. Sorry had no where else to host the pictures cause i can't get them to attach and show.

    Here is the code for centrafuse's External.xml
    		<PATH>C:\Program Files\Mobile Impact\me.exe</PATH>
    		<WINDOWNAME>Game Emulator</WINDOWNAME>
    Just extract the zip into the mobile emulator directory.
    Download Mobile Emulator from
    Hope You Guys Enjoy It.
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    This is pretty cool. Ive been meaning to add an emulator for a while now. How hard would it be to add a different emulator to your skin? Looks like I would only have to change the path and parameters arguments, is this correct?
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    Its Mobile Emulator 2.0 from Mobile Impact. It supports NES, SNES, Genesis and Gameboy. And you can add n64 to it but its a little harder to embed.

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    That looks great!!!!

    So how do you embed the N64 part?
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    I dunno its not my program. =P PM Reddeath30 he wrote it.

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    Thanks for the skin! I was also looking at a easy way to load roms that wasn't through a blasted file explorer.

    To get the n64 working just download "Project 64 v1.6 - Nintendo 64 Game Console Emulator" from Mobile Emulator's site. Its the only thing I did to get it working.

    Looking forward to trying this out in the car later today.
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    You need to install the N64 emulator (atleast in ME 1.x version) To the default path. C:\Program Files\Project64 1.6\. My swedish XP version Program Files folder is just called "Program". So thas was a problem in version 1.x.
    I dont know if its fixed in version 2.x.

    And thanks for the great skin! Will install it in the next version of CF 1.5.

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    Can you make one for 1.6?

    Pretty please.

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