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Thread: Aluminum Skin 1.5

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    Cool Brushed Aluminum Skin 1.5

    Anyone want to redo the brushed aluminum skin for 1.5?

    Thats the only reason im keeping 1.4 =)

    Shouldnt be toooo hard i dont think, but i dont have the time personally

    I'll pay ya $5 paypal!!

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    Yeah.. im waiting to change to 1.5 until i can use an aluminium skin.
    Its very nice and im stuck with it.

    unfortunally i got no money :/ Student + spent my money on my Logitech Z5500 system
    Ampie Case
    M1-ATX 90w
    EPIA ITX 1,3Ghz, Firewire
    80 GIG SATA
    7 TFT Touch Super
    Pioner Slot in DVD-RW writer
    108 Mbit Wireless Lan
    100 M Bluetooth Range
    //Power Nisse

    My Betasite ->

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