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Thread: Polaris

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    Nice, but forget the transparency because
    1) I don't think CF supports that, and
    2) It's a real bad idea, especially with a OSK!
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    Will it be possible to view Video Files in full screen ? Because i'm gonna play a lot of musicvidz.
    and when can we download it because it looks fantastic

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    @ m2x0p9x an JC - Let me get it in my car before I start removing functonality. I can always make stuff bigger. The buttons on the bottom bar in this skin, and in the CF 1.5 default skin both have a hit area of about 50px x 50px. So, if you can hit the buttons in your car now, you should be able to hit the buttons when this skin comes out.

    @ luper - Yes, if it wasn't for you, I probably would have just waited. So, all these people owe you a thank you.

    @ coucouillu (1st post) - I'll have to talk to David or someone else about different keyboard layouts. I guess it'd just be a different JPG file, but I'm not sure.

    @ JIT - I'll see if I can work up a version without transparency soon.

    @ heuninck - Yes, of course. If you don't mind me asking, do you download videos as part of packs (large torrent files) or as single files? I'd like to get some to play, myself.

    I don't know when it will be out. I'm taking 17 hours at university, and all of those are hard classes with studying involved. It's a free-time project.

    That said, I do hope to have it somewhat working by the beginning of March, because I'm going on a 24 hour road trip. Hopefully 1.6 will be released by then too.

    Thanks for all you comments! As you can see, I will respond to everyone's requests, so just keep 'em coming.
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    I download them at one piece those are 60 - 100 MB files with nfo and sfv. One of these days I going to a friend ripping his collection over 30 GB of musicvidz. If you want some i can always upload a couple let me know
    Continue the great work. This is going to be THE best skin i've seen so far

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    Are you thinking about creating a night version in the future? all that white on my allbrite is going to be a bit much for the eyes.

    Hopefully 1.6 will have include a skin refresh in the API and then i can finish the skin switcher plugin.

    Again this is a really great skin if you need anyone to test it or help with the xml work let me know.

    You also got me thinking about possible ways to build on the music manager, possibly create an alternitive plugin, but i want to see what david does first in 1.6
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    When will this Super nice looking skin be released ? =)
    Should fit really nice in my car hehe
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    Damn merc, I didn't know you had made a CF skin :P. I will be trying this out on my drive home tonight. Better late than never .

    Edit: I didn't realize you didn't have the XML to go with it yet . Well, here's waiting till 1.6 I guess.

    As JIT said: CF doesn't support alpha-blends (although I think they are always a great idea, especially for a giant OSK that is covering everything).

    Oh, one more thing Merc, since you are designing this skin, you know the exact dimensions of embedded windows. We will eventually need to make your Google-Earth skin that size instead of 800x600.

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    gaggin for this skin

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    I'd like to see a Black/Red version of this in addition to the White/Blue.

    I know... it's not even out yet.
    ...but while we are waiting, we might as well pester him with tons of huge requests.


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