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Thread: Royale Green v1.0 almost Finished but i need some help !!

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    Royale Green v1.0 almost Finished but i need some help !!

    hi guys i am almost done with my new skin
    but i have a problem with the mixer sliders it apperas a little biger than the normal size even with the orginal skin.xml file pixel size is also the same as orginal slider.png files this appers only if the reslution set to 848*480 and it gose away on other reslutions can some help so i can realse it ??!!
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    Way to go dude... maybe David can move this thread to the skins forlder for you

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    My eyes hurt. 8 P

    Nice effort but I think its a bit too bright. Imo anyways.
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    why dont u guys BEG david to release the psd's for the default skin (its only in his best interest anyway) instead of being forced to do hue shifts and color overlays. I dont even use CF and im a little tired of the color variation skins.
    David, throw these guys a bone or something! I know you may be a little shy on releaseing the psd cuz you think others will use them to make skins for "other" frontends, but honestly that shouldnt be your concern.
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    Why not just modify the skin the good old fashioned way ? By cutting... cropping... moving things around ? I created a skin for RR based on Onyx but just using screenshot. It's a PITA... but it's not impossible!
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