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Thread: WHats your favorite skins?

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    WHats your favorite skins?

    so uhh what are all of your favorite skins?

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    umm, how many actual released skins are there?
    I just know of 2 or 3, all the others are just differenct color versions of the same skin.
    So how hard can it be for u to decide on your own?
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    traffic, traffic2, amber, other amber, busy blue, royal blue, and the default are about all there is for 1.6 right now. traffic2 is the only one that has really changed anything other than the colors.

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    Don't forget my Nexus skin... to be released with CF v 1.7 I promise.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Quattro
    umm, how many actual released skins are there?
    That's a good point. It seems with each new release of CF - the previously created skins no longer work, or am I wrong?

    I always see messages for CF skinners telling them to wait on creating their skins until the next version of CF comes out.

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