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Thread: Onyx Blue Skin

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    Question Onyx Blue Skin

    Would it be possible to change the highlight colour as its the same shade of blue as the buttons now appear and hence it makes setup useless as you cannot see which options are selected

    Are things like this configurable or do they need graphics work to resolve?


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    It takes graphics work... We agree the blue highlight is not strong enough, but it was the best that we could do because the original highlight color was blue...

    We plan to get this fixed by exporting all the images from new PSD file... the current blue skin was just a batch job run on the original day/night skin to change them up...

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    Where is this "blue" version???

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    Quote Originally Posted by coucouillu
    Where is this "blue" version???
    RC1 came with 4 skins check them you will find out
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