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Thread: Skin Editor for RC3?

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    Skin Editor for RC3?


    Im currently trying to get off the ground with some plugin develplment.

    I have very little artistic talent, and really was hopefull for being able to use one of these skin editors to get me going.

    Unfortunatly they dont seeem to work with any of the skins used in CF rc3.

    They just crash when I try and open them. Does anyone else have these issues?
    I can post logs if needed.



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    Same here!
    I probably need to adapt the default skin as on 1024x768 it sometimes seems to miss a pixel (usually around the play/pause button).
    Also: I want to make a new skin, 'cause although the default skin (Onyx WS) is a great piece of design, viewing it in 4:3 just isn't making sense
    Also I want to make more use of the vertical space.
    (just need one of those rare components... time... same kind of scarcity as usual with money oh and a little bit of inspiration of course)
    CarPC: "Carma" (Car Audio & Route Management) (about 70% ready)
    P4 1.8GHz / 512MB / 4GB CF
    Asus TVFM + B/W camera
    15" touchscreen 1024x768
    2x 100Ah

    And all this in a Dutch 1972 CitroŽn HY van called "MurpHY".

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