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Thread: Wanted - Good starter System for a newbie

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    Wanted - Good starter System for a newbie

    I am looking for a used system that I can put into my Pontiac Aztek to see if this is something that I might want to do and possibly improve on. Hopefully someone here has a system that they want to sell that they have either given up on or are looking to replace.

    Thinking this might be the chepest way to get into this....

    My ideal system would allow and have the following...

    - 10.4 LCD screen at least 200 nit
    (plus if it has touch capabilities)
    - Powerfull enough that it could play DVD's while also being used for GPS tracking.
    - DC power supply already to go and tested
    (plus if the power supply could also run the monitor)
    - Shutdown controller
    Keyboard (mini or wireless)

    Finally be available via email for questions and support while I try to tie this into my Aztek. ;-)


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    A powerful system...

    If i were you I would buy the wafer board that charles bought and create a 2 din system, locate the power supply under the hood and create a removable module for the display and touchscreen. That is just my thoughts.

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    Ah, if only you had been around 6 weeks ago, when I tried to sell my whole system at once.

    I had a 10.4, but it's gone now.

    I do still have the box, though. It's an MSI 6125 BookPC (about the size of a 10-disc changer) with 96MB of ram, 667Mhz celeron, 52x CDROM, LAN, TV-out, 4 USB, 2 FireWire, IrDA, 2 PCI slots.

    I'll throw in the 300W power inverter since I have no use for it anymore.

    I gotta keep the harddrive, though.

    I used this box for about a year for DVD, GPS, MP3, and wireless internet (cellular and WIFI), so I can honestly tell you that it will perform those functions. you dont really need anything more powerful than that system for doing things like DVD and GPS.

    Make me an offer.
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