Thats what they are... specs are below from my supplier...

Switchable NTSC/PAL system

"Flicker resistor"ASIC design technology

Support VGA mode up to 640x480 (NTSC)and 800x600 (PAL)

VGA power down pass through

TV output sharpness selectable

Allows simultaneous display on TV and computer display

Adjustable underscan,overscan,pan,scroll,color and brightness

Support composite video and S-VHS video output

True color TV video output

Im not sure of the retail prices of these things but i think these reviews give you a fair idea of what they can do: (scroll down to the Maxmedia TV)


45 + shipping

I will consider shipping to the US, but I have read that customs is being an arsehole at the moment, so it depends on demand...

If you'd like one please email me ASAP. I only have a limited amount available and when they're gone, they're gone