Hi guys I was planning on creating a mp3 box but I decided to scrap this project and work on an engine instead.

Here's what I got:

baby AT motherboard with onboard video and sound (comes with video and audio cables as well as com1 and parallel) - 35 shipped

K6-2 350mhz chip & heatsink - 15 shipped
or buy the motherboard and chip/heatsink for - 45 shipped

64mb ram (2 32mb simm sticks) - 25 shipped

4gig hard drive - 35 shipped

Canakit RF modulator - 35 shipped

everything here works, all you really need is a remote and power supply and your own custom box.

if you look at it this is basically pretty much the whole system and everything works nicely, also for you guys out there the 32mb stick of simm is damn rare if you didnt know.

let me know

email: [email protected]