some more stuff for sale
I tried to sell this awhile ago. But I had my old email listed with so I wasnt getting emails from you guys. So.. now it is fixed! And I have to come up with some extra doe for christmas! So, please email me!

a pcm-5862 SBC in good condition, with a complete wiring kit and pc104 pcmcia dual slot card (also will come with a 100mhz cpu and 64? megs of ram- 65 dollars

powerleap amd k6-3 400 cpu upgrade processor, brand new. Paid 100 sacrafice for 50

Update: 80 dollars plsu shipping for the biscuit pc motherboard and powerleap adapter. Thats less than the power leap alone.

a black 24x slim line cd-rom with 2.5 ide adapter, $40 (adapter alone was 36).

-microtouch serial cable PLUS touch screen controller... asking 45 shipped.

Update: 30 shipped for touch screen controller

epox brand new ata 100 raid controller. Never needed it sicne my new mobo had raid built in. Asking 15 for this.

-Lcd swivel mount, very nice.. 25 buxs. Swivels both ways

15 dolalrs plus shipping for the lcd mount

-a dc-dc 50 watt power supply. Arise model ace-865v. it has a custom made cable also for use in doors for testing purposes. $45
I now have a digi camera so pictures can be taken on request. thanks.